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Friday, June 04, 2010

It's Time


I have managed to get a bit o' riding in here and there.  My kiddo is visiting his dad for the summer, so I get the daily fix of riding to and from the office.

My son is with me full time now since his father has moved away.  Not a bad thing, but it certainly changes my weekends chock full of riding.

The weather hasn't been too agreeable; it seems like the awful weather was always coming in for the weekend--so it cut into 'prime' riding time.  However, summer is right around the corner and the weather is finally turning.

In April, I had Alex (he's my son, btw) climb on the back of the Fatboy to see if he was finally tall enough to ride on the back.  Lo and behold, he was!

Down to Apex to buy safety gear.  Geez, I had forgotten how much gear is needed!

Nonetheless, gloves, helmet, leather jacket are the priority.  I still need to get boots.

I got to give him props, we have had quite a few turns around the neighborhood and he's adjusting very well.

The time came to get out on the city streets and again, kudos to Alex!  He's an excellent student as far as being a passenger.  Of course, he may be scared out of his mind for falling off!!

The biggest test was on the Interstate.  Now, going down I-25 at 70 MPH on a motorcycle isn't necessarily scary.  However, this is the first jaunt down the highway and *I'm* concerned!  All the crazy "what ifs" are going through my mind.

No worries, Alex was terrific.  I normally don't make a habit of interstate riding, but it was necessary for that day.  He did great! 

Problem solved.  At least a bit of it.  I don't think we'll be putting 500 miles for a day's ride anytime soon.  However, we can get out for a little putt on occasion.  It's a start.

I guess it's time to seriously start thinking of that new big ol' cruiser bike, huh??

Already promised.....I have to finish grad school.

Summer, 2011 is the target!!


Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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