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Monday, June 14, 2010

It's A Time Warp...Sneaking in a Ride

Its pretty amazing how quickly time flies.  A few weekends ago found me at the 20th Annual United Run...the first ride I've done in a very long time.  Glad to see a good many of my friends...and most were surprised to see me.  Happy, but surprised.  Sigh.  Work, graduate school and just a whole boatload of other excuses :).

The ride was a mystery ride--only the stops are known.  The order of the stops and the time are the categories.  Each motorcyclist guesses at the route and then rides it.  It is fun and of course, getting out for wind therapy is always great!  I should do it more often!

I invited myself to ride along with a few wonderful friends and we had a great time.  Well, except the fact that I do need new tires.  It's been something that I've been ignoring for much too long.  Of course, I'm trying to beat my good friend Dozer's record of getting down to cords, but I'm finding that I'm unsuccessful.  Actually, I could probably get down to that, but from a safe and sensible perspective, I think that I will blink in this unscheduled game of chicken and get 'er done.

Until then, the bike is parked in the garage and will sit.  I have "fond" memories of riding in the rain on slick tires.  Even cautiously riding and braking resulted in a sideways drift on wet pavement.  Riding with control has never been a problem and countersteering is a great skill to have.  I've forgotten all the bumps and bruises that earned that skill--mostly on dirt and never on pavement.  Keeping it that way is the smart thing to do to honor these old bones!

Sunday found me in a sideways skid because of stopping too fast.  On dry pavement, nonetheless.  I want a new motorcycle--just not like this!

Note to riders...the contact area of a motorcycle tire on the ground is about the size of an average person's palm.  It is critical to have proper tire inflation and tread!  With other hazards such as chemicals on pavement, gravel, dirt, water, animals (okay I will stop there) are important.

Bike should be in the shop in the next week or two, so I'm heeding my own advice!

It was good to get out and ride...and my fellow Mountain Shadow Riders took first and second in the United Run.  Kudos for them!!!

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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