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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anglefire to Burlington...Raton Stop

Like I said, the ride to Raton was uneventful. Waiting in line for fuel, I was trying to warm up. Think coffee, think coffee, think coffee.

And to use the ladies room! Fueled up, I'm back in line and headed to the facilities.

For once, the line to the men's room is a mile long and I was able to walk into the ladies room! LOL. Funny what things amuse me, huh??

Business all done, I grab a hot chocolate instead and a few snacks and head back to the bike.

I chat with a few of my friends. Some I know outside the run...some are newly minted. I have a guy tell me he'd ride behind me anytime! How funny! He's a FNG and fully enjoying the ride and already talking about next year and wanting to be on something else bigger. Not that he's on a "tiny" bike by any means--he's on a Virago 750--large enough to go the distance.

I decide to walk the line and check out the motorcycles. Goldwing, Victory, Harley, Kawasakis...and then I stop. BMW.

I've never really been a fan of BMW styling--for one most are too tall for me to ride. However, this motorcycle is another story. Enter the K1200LT. What a cool motorcycle!! And a touring bike to boot.

I've been pondering a new touring bike. My son is getting old enough to ride along and has started showing interest. He was hooked after one of my friends took him on a short ride on his Ultra Classic CVO. I wasn't sure I wanted to go the Harley route any longer, so I am keeping an open mind on all manufacturers.

I admire the bike and think that it is probably like any other BMW--too tall.

Checking time, I head back to the motorcycle. Gear on, start up and off we go.

Next stop is La Junta--fuel and lunch.

I say a short prayer for everyone to arrive safely.

Turn on the concentration and pull out.

Keep the shiny side up~

~The Rainbow Wahine

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Dirk said...

So what was up with the Goldwing guy???