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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anglefire to Burlington--Lunch and Finally!

It's always a sad moment when we cross the state line out of New Mexico. The fine officers of the New Mexico state police escort the riders and do an excellent job of doing so!! My hat is off to them and I appreciate their time and efforts!

Of course, crossing into Colorado means several things. Mainly, the ever loving construction in the Trinidad that seems to be a forever project, wind and more importantly, HOME!!! I smile at the thought that I will be sleeping in my own bed soon.

For this leg, I am somewhere in the back. It's not really a problem. I'm okay where ever I line up--although I prefer up front--I can deal with whatever I get. I just want to make sure I survive the construction and then enjoy the ride up Hwy 350.

The ride was uneventful--there's not much exciting going on. To alleviate the boredom of just cruising down the highway, I dig a lollypop out of my windshield bag. Don't get me wrong, it is not boring to cruise down the highway--rather, with the rider in front of me and the one beside me and the majority of my attention is spent not running into either one or off the side of the road, there is just not a great deal of attention that can be spent in sightseeing.

So I pull out a lollypop and occupy myself. This is a pretty handy "trick". Keeping your mouth busy is just enough to occupy my brain so I subconsciously think it's not a good time to take a nap. Sometimes I sing, sometimes I chew gum--you know pretty simple stuff.

I suppose I could eat a sandwich too, but that's a bit more challenge than I need while riding at highway speed in a group. Not to mention that I'd more than likely get mustard on my leathers!

We all make it to La Junta, fuel stop and pull in the line up and take a break for lunch.

Lunch is fun--I grab my grub and sit at a table. I know no one. So, just start chatting and making new friends. It's always interesting to find out what people do for a living and why they are on the ride.

Oh, and the ever-important potty break.

Lunch is over and the call to line up is sounded. I get my stuff together and get on the bike. Anyone that rides with me knows it is quite the "chore" to get ready. Not only is it getting "standard" riding gear on--gloves, helmet, etc and making sure my saddlebags are secure, etc. I also have to get my iPod tuned in, put on lip balm, make sure I have more lollys.

Someone yells "5 minutes". I am ready. I know better to putz around--they pull out whether I'm ready or not.

This time, I'm in the very back of the group. The sweep is riding behind me.

Goldwing no where to be found. One of my friends looks at me and asks--"what do I do"? My response--go around the bike let him be.

I'm thinking that this could possibly not happen. I mean, he was warned and there are always announcements at the morning meeting about being prepared.

Oh wait, did he miss that one?? LOL!! Well, even if he did, Angelfire wasn't the first stop and that wasn't his first morning meeting. Or maybe he's missed them all...who knows.

Motorcycle fired up and still no Goldwing Guy. Signal to pull out is given.

At that point he runs up. We are all pulling out. He has to put all his gear on and get ready. Bikes are pulling out around him and I watch him frantically trying to get ready. My turn to go comes and I pull out and note that he still has quite a bit of gear to put on.

Note that there is another platoon behind me. Yes, they are going around him too.

I turn my attention to making the corner and my last thought of Goldwind Guy was "too bad".

He can ride in the back and get back into the group at the next stop.

LOL.....fat chance.

Till next time....

~The Rainbow Wahine

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