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Monday, January 28, 2008

It Wasn't Sad Until....

It went bye-bye.

Finally, the Yamaha V-Star is gone :-(. The new owner secured a trailer and on a frozen but clear day, came and picked up the Star.


Why was I so sad? After all, I have been "talking" about selling my Yamaha for....ever it seems. Last October I pitched the idea to someone looking for a Star and did the deal in November. Well, the paperwork anyway.

Since the exchange of paper, the timing never seemed to work. Either I was busy or the buyer was busy. Or the weather was rotten. I recall one week of being terribly sick. And so on and so forth.

At the last Mountain Shadow Riders meeting, he apologized for having the bike in the garage. Really, it wasn't an issue. But I suppose that the man wanted his motorcycle. After all, if I purchased a new bike, I'd want it in MY garage...even if the weather was not agreeable to riding.

Sooooooo.....last Saturday, the new owner comes with a trailer and takes away "my" Cranky. Okay, not mine anymore, but takes away the motorcycle.

I was sad--it was my first motorcycle. And suffered terribly from no riding. So I'm not being fair, eh?

And even if the riding is not agreeable and the new owner and his bike spent their first adventure on a trailer, ha ha ha!

Well, goodbye Cranky and well wishes for many many miles for the Star and the New Owner. The V-Star 1100 is a truly wonderful motorcycle and wonderful purchase. I hope that the pair has as many motorcycle adventures that I have.....

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Road Captain said...

Sorry about your breakup with the Star but you still have your Fat Boy, right? I'm new to your blog. Why did you buy the Harley? Please drop my blog and leave a comment on "Why Do We Love Harley Davidson?". I would be honored if you did. You can also read about my first Harley: The painted Pig. Unlike you I was happy to see that bike go! Maybe that will make you feel more sad about your first bike going bye bye, don't read it.

KT Did said...

Sometimes all you can do is hug the tank goodbye. I know the feeling. Even though I really didn't like my first bike, it was sad to see it go...sentimental:(