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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Women on Wheels

Friday night Pike’s Peak Harley Davidson held a Women’s Motorcycling “Garage Party” event to familiarize women—from ladies thinking about motorcycling to experienced riders—with the sport of motorcycling. The Mountain Shadow Riders became involved was because the title of the event was called “Women on Wheels”—which then became an infringement upon our Women on Wheels® trademark.

To solve the problem, we were invited to be representatives of the function—which many of our members stepped up and volunteered so the Mountain Shadow Riders could have a presence.

It was an interesting and informative night. I am a HOG member and hold a membership to the Ladies Of Harley (LOH) as well, so I’m familiar with the folks at the dealership. It was good to see my fellow femme riders and those just vaguely interested in motorcycling.

There were about 50 or so in attendance Saturday night….ranging from seasoned veterans to wanna be noobies….one lady asked where the motor was in a motorcycle. It was a funny question, when I heard it, but also reminded me that we still have quite a ways to go in spreading the word regarding our passion.

We had short seminars in each department and interestingly enough, parts, sales and service were quite informative—as the service department held a short “oops I dropped it” class. However, motor clothes won the prize for being most informative. The ladies in motor clothes did an excellent job of presenting the various pros and cons of their product. Yes, they were proud of the Harley Davidson line and quite rightly so. However, the pitch was low keyed and more importantly, stressed safety and function over brand name. It was a much different approach from the other departments and worked much better for me.

All and all, it was a nice night and I’m glad I attended. It was good to see so many of the Mountain Shadow Riders in attendance. I thank the ladies of our group that jumped in and enthusiastically and proudly showed off our “colors”.

That was the motorcycling event of the weekend. We had snow and fog the whole weekend, so no riding for me. Is winter ever going to end??

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Jacky said...

What a pity to me. I like such event for women bikers. I should have joined if I have known the even earlier. I might hang out with friends on my blog this weekend! Hope everything goes well.

Mustang said...

kewl.. thats a great forum for bikers/wanna be bikers to interact..
but i think the question of the motor in the motorcycle is the cherry on the cake.

Ride safe