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Friday, January 19, 2007

No Riding Today…But Check This Out

The snow and ice is still on pavement and it looks like it is not going anywhere for quite some time…..sigh…..

We did have a clear and dazzling day….and warm enough to melt some of the ice and prompt me to clean my garage and start my motorcycle. I’m so in withdrawals just like the majority or motorcyclists here in Colorado Springs.

While I am cleaning out my garage and piddling around, my son decides to get out and play a bit. He gets his lawn mower out and decides to “cut” some snow, then moves on to his snow ball making gadget, then on to running and playing—like all four year olds do.

Clearing out and organizing with half an ear turned to my son making noises is generally how I operate and I hear him making noises so I knowing he’s fine. Then, suddenly, I hear the sound of tires skidding. I stop what I am doing, with a frown on my face—I did not hear a vehicle enter my cul-de-sac so I am momentarily confused.

Unbeknownst to me, my son had managed to push his bike out of the garage and is out riding it—on three inches of ice and mounds of snow like it is no big deal. Not only is he out riding around like it is no big deal, he’s skidding and sliding—all under control and like it is second nature.

I am sooo in trouble, I’m thinking. After all, he’s four and on a bicycle…what happens when he gets on a two-wheeled vehicle and it is motorized??

Well, my reaction was to run in and get my camera…and take a few pics. As soon as I remember where I put my camera—I’ll post a few pics up….

It was pretty cool, actually…except it is my kid…

I swear, I won’t live to be an old lady because my boy is gonna kill me…

Keep the Shiny Side Up~~

~The Rainbow Wahine


James - said...

All you have to do is teach him to always wear his helmet and gear. ATGATT!

Beaker said...

Cool - the younger they start the better in my opinion. That way they have basic skills before ever going near a road. Still got a little way to go before motorizing his two wheels though.

As James said above, just make sure he is geared up.

Biker Betty said...

ohhhh, you are so in trouble, LOL!! I look to the day when Mom & son will each have their own motorcycles. I bet he will be a good motorcyclist, he has a great example to look to.

Mustang said...

thats neat. Im sure he'l make a neat biker..

Ride safe