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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Need for New Pipes

I’ve been on the hunt to change out my pipes. Not because I want to change something that is perfectly functional, but rather because I want the pipes out of the way so I can put on larger saddlebags! It is all about carrying all my gear!

Greg sent me a set of stock Harley Heritage Softail pipes for my birthday and I was ready to put them on…until…

I came across a set of Vance and Hines short shots at a very very very good price..

So that is what is on my bike at the moment.

I’m thinking that taking the stock Fatboy pipes off was a relatively easy job and one afternoon instead of writing papers, I decided to dive in. Well, it was not that difficult and I did manage to get everything off with no major headache.

My neighbor decided he needed to visit and see what I was doing. While he was over, he tried to offer his assistance, but for the most part, it was more of a bother than not! I had everything under control and my two hands were plenty—and his two hands was too many chefs in the kitchen! He got the hint, only to start poking around my motorcycle. Grrrrrrr….

To deal with that, I just decided to unfrustrate myself and stop for the day….

One day turned into two, three and then a week….

My bike was still not all together. And we have a clear weekend and a nice day. My friends want to go for a ride. Do I want to go?

Of course, but I have one problem…I need an hour to get my bike together. Or so I think.

To make a long story short, I do get everything together. But I need to get the pins aligned on my floorboard and I can’t make it fit….I have one in and the other won’t work…..I need to go NOW!

LOL…well, the bolt won’t fit, but a nail bent through the hole solves that problem quite nicely. Start up the bike, let it get warmed up and I go clean up.

I pull in with time to spare and off we go.

That was November/December. That nail is still in. Of course, my excuse is that is has been too cold to work in the garage. Or homework.

I’ll fix the issue this weekend. I need to. The guys at the Harley shop will be laughing their tails off if they see that!! LOL…..

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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KT Did said...

You are so damn amazing! Wrenching in 0 degree weather with a neighbor in the cooking pot! I hope your pipe are loud and clear and you get some riding time time in this winter. At least daylight savings time is 3/11 this year--early...that my help the cold!