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Friday, December 29, 2006

One Ride in December….

I’m feeling the itch….need…to….ride….

It is not going to happen. I had one ride in December…a short jaunt out to Manitou with a friend of mine. Dodging the ice patches on the road and avoiding sand…it was almost not fun…almost.

There is still entirely too much snow and ice on the ground and with yesterday’s reinforcement snow, I see the handwriting on the wall—riding season of ’06 will be closing with no more riding. Too bad. For the folks in the south part of town—kudos to them for being able to get their motorcycles out on the road! There were a good many out on Christmas Day, I hear.

Here in the north part of town—riding is still a fantasy. There is so much snow and ice on the ground that I have forgotten what the pavement in my neighborhood looks like!! Sigh…

Well, our annual New Year’s Day ride is probably going to get cancelled since it is not looking pretty at the moment.

I’m sure Kathy is out scooting around and I’m hoping that she’ll get out and scoot a couple of miles for me. It’s just too icy. Until we thaw out, my motorcycle is staying put.

Have a good pre-New Year’s Holiday…as always….

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Biker Betty said...

As you probably know by the time you read this, the annual New Year's ride has been cancelled *sigh.* Darn that snow!!!!!!

People were out on motorcycles Christmas Day?!? Too many icy patches for me. We almost did the day after, but chickened out. It just takes one chunk of black ice and they are random on the road. Oh well.

Christine, wishing you and yours and a Happy New Year and see you on the road in 2007. I just hope we don't have to wait too long.

Mustang said...

wishing you a wonderful 2007. God bless and lead you in His perfect way.

Ride safe


Gerry said...

I know how you feel, only 1 ride since Nov 1 :(.

That was on New Years day, and it was FREEZING. But I had to ride on NYD. I like to start the year off the way I want the year to go.

So, on the back of the bike is how I want to see me and my wife as often as possible in 2007.

Here's hoping you get on your bike as often as you want to.

Safe riding in 07