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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time to Say Goodbye--The Next Chapter

Looking at the last time I posted....2012....yowza.  Where did five years go?

My son was little, my motorcycle red, my job was directing, and I was in the middle of grad school.

No more.  My son is very tall.  Something that he reminds me of often.  Cute that at fourteen, he is taller than his mother.  I am glad he is--being that I am not too tall, he should be taller! 

My job also changed. Still in Human Resources working at a Senior Employee Relations Representative. Grad school is also checked off.  Graduated and all that.

Mr. Chubbs, the beautiful red Fatboy, has moved on to bring joy to another rider.  Being a single parent of a beautiful and joyus son, I felt it was time to take of the riding boots.  My son's father and I have been apart since Alex was one and is no longer parenting.  He has not spoken to or seen his father in over two years.  It has been a tough journey, as dealing with a spouse and parent that has PTSD.  I do wish him peace and hope that he finds his way through this.  Even though we are no longer together, he is the father of my son. A son needs his father and the father needs his son. Until then, I am the only one that stands between the word and my kiddo; my two wheeled adventures on hold for the moment.  

With spring around the corner, the motorcycles are starting to get out.  Riding was a big part of my life for a long time as well as the people that love the roar or pipes and the navigating the twisties at the turn of the throttle.  I smile when they go by!

Maybe one day I will throw a leg over again.  Right now, it is enjoying the last few years of Alex being home and embracing that little time I have left before he moves on to the next stage of his life. Looking at this story, five years passed so very quickly.  Alex is a Freshman in high school; that time will also pass much too quickly.  I want to grab that time.

However, this does not equal no fun.  I still get to tool around with my hair in the wind. 

Alas, y'all keep the shiny side up.  There are more stories--many more adventures. Stay tuned.

OH, and there is a new vehicle for the next adventure...stay tuned!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler,


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