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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"High On The Hog" by the MeanStreet Riders

The MeanStreet Riders, a group of motorcycling friends that also happens to be a band (or is it a band that also happens to motorcycle?) are releasing their debut CD and I'm one of the lucky ones that get the opportunity to preview their debut album High On The Hog.

The MSR (the band, not the Mountain Shadow Riders), formed back 2008.  This group of songwriters that have a passion for riding realized they had an opportunity to share their stories and experiences through song.  High On The Hog does just that!  All the band members contributed to the lyrics and were able to give their own perspective to the riding experience.

The track 129 is about their experience riding Deal's Gap.  Located on Highway 129, Deal's Gap, or The Dragon, is an 11-mile stretch of highway in Tennessee that has 318 turns.  I've never done Deal's Gap by motorcycle, but I do remember doing the ride in my car many years ago.  I could easily relate to the track!!

The other tracks relate to motorcycling--destinations of "over there", Strugis and other places motorcycle.  The dream of just hopping on and letting the wind blow, enjoying the ride, and momentarily escaping the realities of life.  The reminder that friends, family, and country are important and not to take life too seriously.

High On The Hog is what American Rock is all about.  Harmonic and full of guitar riffs, this is an album that I can hear in my mind's eye while rolling down the highway.

Like any ride, the album came to an end quickly.  My thanks to the members of MeanStreet Riders for sharing their memories in song.  Ahhhh.....I want to go for a ride!!

You can find the MeanStreet Riders on Facebook or at their website.  You can preview their album at their website.  Look for it for general release sometime in June!

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


rich said...

reading these biker blogs makes me want to rideeee!

peter said...

I Too Like the Blog here. Keep up all the work. I too love to blog. This is great everyone sharing opinions :)