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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dang It's Cold Out There!!

Saturday morning was the local HOG Easter Egg Fun Run.  It was certainly Easter and it was fun.  But it was COLD!

We set out for breakfast at 8:30.  Skies were overcast.  Not too windy.  Temps...colder than I liked.  Looking up at Pikes Peak...snowing.  Oh boy.  As I ride down I-25, I am wondering if any of the stops are up in Woodland Park.  I roll into the restaurant and head in.  I find my group of friends and as the spot me, they burst out laughing.  Something about the expression on my face.  I talk to one of the HOG members and ask if the route was going up the mountain. 

Of course!  We talk about the snow and my friend declares that we may just have to skip the stop.

After breakfast we head out to the dealership.  I commented to dear BF that those wonderful crashbar covers I received for Christmas would be most excellent to have today.  Except I don't have them because they didn't fit and he took them back.  The dealership didn't have the correct ones, so I have just done without.  Not a big deal since I don't do much riding.  However, today would have been a good day!

However, BF is wonderful and checked the dealership inventory.  They had some that work so now have engine guard wind deflectors!

There were two stops up the mountain and we made the executive decision not to go up the hill.  Note:  snow is not fun and dangerous to ride in unless you are on a Ural or trike.  I have neither!

The other stops were parks around the surrounding area.  I know that the idea is that it's an Easter Egg run and that involves Eggs and Parks.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't being cooperative so there wasn't an opportunity to warm up. 

The end stop was at Frankie's Too in Fountain.  I was soooo happy to be there!!  Finally, something warm to drink and food.

A note about cold weather riding.  If you are going to do it, make sure you have sufficient fuel in the tank.  Yes, the motorcycle, but also the stomach.  It's important because the body will need the fuel to stay warm.  It's also important to make sure your bladder is empty because it take additional energy to keep urine warm--I know I want the heat to keep me warm, not my pee!

One of the prizes was a "golden easter egg"  Since the stop up the mountain had the egg and there was no brave soul ventured that way (except the HOG members that were running the stop), the egg hunt ended up at the restaurant.  I spotted the egg and won!  Yay me!!  Got a few Harley bucks to spend at the dealership.

It was cold riding home and my solution to warm up was a nice bath.  As I was running the water, the sun came out.  Gee, talk about Murphy's Law, eh??

Well, it was good to get out and see a good ride overall.  And a reminder of how much I do not like to ride in the cold.  Of course, why am I living in Colorado then??

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


Anonymous said...

90 degrees and 10% humidity is just weeks away- we must be strong!

Christine said...

Yes, this crazy Colorado weather means riding any day now...maybe :)