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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Moment's Rest

The RFTW leg from Santa Fe to Anglefire is where we are. I'm looking forward to this part; there is a bit of twisties to ride! Last year, I didn't ride in formation due to not being able to join the group until Anglefire so this year a new treat.

For the most part, things are pretty calm. Nothing is amiss. Of course, I'm oblivious to the radio chatter since I don't have a radio. I'm happy to be tuned into The Phantom of the Opera while I'm riding. Even more thrilled to look forward to the twisties at Taos.

While we are on the last section of road before entering the twisties, our Platoon Leader pulls out. No one knows what is going on, but my friend Screamer steps up to the plate and leads on. In this situation, the wing then moves over into the lead position; the remainder of the group moves up in line to fill the gap. Suddenly, I find myself riding wing position. No biggie, since I've ridden a good many miles here. What becomes a challenge is that I don't have a radio and can't hear what is going on nor am I familiar of the rules of the Platoon Leaders and Asst. Platoon Leaders--I've always ridden in the pack.

No worries, we get through the twisties without incident. I'm concerned about the Platoon Leader--I hope that he's well and that he does not have mechanicial issues.

However, the coolest part is the ride up to the memorial. It's a ride up a hill and the motorcyclists waiting the join the Run are lined up the roads. It's pretty cool--two chicks leading a platoon in. At least it's cool in my book.

We park and dismount; the ride is done for the day. Come to find out, our Platoon Leader was having difficulty dealing with the crash. I can completely understand. Even though he had nothing to do with the crash I think it was just because it happened under his watch. I know I would have taken it hard too.

We were in early and it was nice to get out and visit. Dinner was hosted by Thunderbird Harley Davidson and filled out bellies. The folks at the David Westphall Veteran's Foundation are working to put together a program for servicemembers to help treat post traumatic stress. One Navy servicemember through out the challenge to the other branches to help raise money for the program. Navy, Army, Air Force and the Coast Guard all stepped up to a bit of good natured fund raising. It was a particular humorous moment when the Boy Scouts even threw in a bid!! In a very short moment over $1,500 was raised. It was quite touching to see the support of the service members for their fellow brother.

With dinner over, it was time to call it a night. My friends and I chatted a bit and then it was time to get some shut eye. 5:00 am rings very early!

The next leg: Angelfire to Burlington.

Keep The Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine


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DMV Hours said...

It's my first time to post comment on your blog. It's nice to find common interest with a ride up a hill thingy. I'll be reading some of your posts in the next few days :)