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Saturday, May 26, 2007

RFTW—Leaving Angel Fire, NM

The alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am. Time to get up. My friend that did the ride with me was up bright and early too—she didn’t sleep very well. Seems that she was a bit worried about the ride.

The ride? Group riding is one thing, but riding in the tight formation that the run asks is tasking. Two up in two second intervals. Not only did I have to worry about not crashing into the person in front of me, I also had a rider—normally someone I don’t know riding beside me.

My girlfriend doesn’t have as much riding time or experience, so she was really concerned. That people would be a hazard to her and she would be a hazard to someone else.

Well, I don’t know what she was worried about, I think she did a great job!

At any rate, we get down to the meet site around 6:00 am or so. Meander around and talk to people. There is the 50/50 going on, people just visiting and being, well, bikers. At 7:15 (or maybe it was 7:30—I can’t remember), it’s time for the riding meeting and there we receive our instructions. Disclaimer, hand signals, formation riding, prayer, and so on and so forth.

After the meeting, we saddle up, fire the bikes up….and off we go. As we pull out, we are broken up into groups and platoon leaders are inserted. Instead of having one long chain of motorcycles down the highway, we are smaller groups. It’s still pretty cool as I glance behind me and see all the headlights!!

I’m concerned since the ride to Raton, NM is on a curvy road. Not to worry, the formation of riding staggered is called. Not that I’m terribly worried about my riding—I’m really more worried about the guy beside me. It’s okay if he (or she) is skilled…..I’m dreading a new rider. Of course, I’m thinking that my FNG button might be scaring the beejeebers out of someone else!!! LOL…..

The ride is pleasant and not too difficult. I couldn’t enjoy much of the scenery; there was just too much to concentrate on. However, the ride isn’t about fun; it’s a mission.

Tomorrow: the experience of “The Mission”.

Keep the Shiny Side Up!

~The Rainbow Wahine

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Uglicoyote said...

That two-up side by side riding is "old school" and damn dangerous. Leaves you only one escape route. Staggered is best for groups and most of the groups I ride with use that formation but I went on a Memorial day thunder run and they rode the old two-up. Eighty bike going down the interstate at eighty mph can be a bit disconcerting. Wonder we're all still alive.