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Friday, May 25, 2007


That was me this year—my first ‘official’ ride in with Run For The Wall. Last Friday, I decided to ride down to Angel Fire to meet RFTW. The ride down I-25 was typical of interstate riding. Once off the highway, it was a treat!

My girlfriend and I pulled into Angel Fire around 4ish or so; we just pulled in ahead of the riders. We decided to ride up to the Memorial and take a look-see. The Angel Fire Memorial is a site that was built by Dr. Westhall—whose son was killed in Vietnam. In 2004 the State of New Mexico recognized the site as a State Park.

The experience at the Memorial was incredible. There was a feeling of sadness and that feeling grew as the riders—many of whom were service connected—passed through the doors of the Memorial. Intermixed with the sadness was a feeling of healing and support. Fellow riders reached out and embraced the sadness and gave back hope, thanks and understanding; somehow easing the heaviness of the emotions.

Leaving the Memorial, we rode down to the RFTW site. Finding the registration booth, I filled out my paperwork and received my packet and the official FNG button. I was a part of the Run. Oh boy.

We had dinner and then it was time to call it a night. I roomed with my neighbors—they joined the run at Gallup, NM. We spent the evening watching the hundreds of photos they’d already shot on the ride. We talked about their experiences in previous years and what to expect on this ride—all the more getting nervous about the next day’s adventure.

Yeah, FNG noobie, that’s me. Worried and thrilled.

Wake up time: 5:00 am. Time to call it a night.

Till next time,

Keep the shiny side up.

~The Rainbow Wahine

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KT Did said...

There is no escape from the emotions on a ride like this...glad you had a nice ride though with friends.